//These tunes and discourse

These tunes and discourse


Sihot Umanginot-[Conversations and tunes]

brings to the Israeli music lover dozens of well produced conversations with twelve prominent Israeli composers and musicians about creativity and music, dreams and harmony, hopes and doubts, passion and inspiration and almost everything about the Israeli music scene of the past five decades. 


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This precious little gem (448 pages), is a must for everyone whose heart yearns for Israeli music of all genres and time signatures. Composed of styles such as folk, oriental rock, pop, jazz, east-west fusion, ancient Yemenite and Judaeo-Spanish hymns, Russian and middle eastern influences. Mix them altogether and you’ll get the extraordinary spice that Israeli music is. This rather unique book brings profound and long awaited documentation about creativity and musicianship in the Israeli music scene, brought directly from the musical heart and soul of the following composers and musicians. The resulting text is as diverse and intriguing as the Israeli culture and the people from which it emanates.

This book features profound and inspirational conversations taken with the following prominent and beloved musicians (in Hebrew):

  • Avihu Medina
  • Albert Piamenta
  • Arieh Levanon
  • Gil Aldema
  • Yaakov Hollander
  • Yitzhak Klepter
  • Nahum Heimann
  • Nathan Cohen
  • Karni Eldad
  • Shlomo Gronich
  • Shmulik Kraus
  • Shimon Cohen

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