• ototo.jpgA set of both CDs – “Ototo Joy Ride” and “Ototo and his sister Susita”  
  • Ototo Joy Ride

    Ototo is an interactive audio CD in Hebrew to use while driving with kids. It includes songs, games, riddles and stories and makes each ride a fun and enriching experience. Ototo invites the kids to join him in a variety of activities which involve motion, rhythm, listening comprehension, memory and imagination.  
  • Ototo & Susita

    “Ototo and his sister Susita”, the 2nd CD from Ototo brand “Ototo and his sister Susita” includes an audio CD in Hebrew  with songs, riddles, games and a code to download for free related activity pages from Ototo's website. Susita, Ototo's younger sister, joins the ride and together the two take the family on a magical trip. They invite the children to take part in varied activities such as singing (even rap) , miming and acting. A must have in every family ride! A sequal CD to “Ototo Joy Ride” success